Benefits For Veteran Spouses

Benefits For Veteran Spouses

Veterans are entitled to various benefits because of the role they play in protecting the nation. They choose to put their service to the country before any other thing in their life. This means that they have to sacrifice the time they would spend with their loved ones to do duties related to national security. This affects the lives of people close to them because the veteran misses out on a lot of moments in their lives. For this reason, the spouses of veterans also deserve compensation for having a veteran partner. Some spouses don’t know that they are entitled to various benefits, including free college, as a result of their partner being a veteran. If you are nor sure and need some help, you can contact Veteran Care, an industry expert on veterans’ benefits. It is good to be well informed so that you may benefit from the rewards you are entitled to. Getting by on your own can be tough, especially if your partner is always on duty, probably in another state. The good news is that spouses of veterans are considered in the benefits package. It is upon you to do your research, visit the veteran offices to understand in-depth, some of the benefits that you need to take advantage of. The points discussed below will help to enlighten you if you are a spouse to a veteran.

Education Benefits

Spouses or child dependants of the veteran are entitled to education benefits. This allows them to enroll in study programs without limitations. The spouse may be given money for tuition, housing during the study period, training, and purchase of reading equipment. Spouses are also eligible for scholarships such as the MyCAA to further their studies. You, therefore, don’t have to stress about how your children will go through school. Two GI bill programs deal with education aids to dependants and survivors of veterans. The Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance program offers training and education to dependents of veterans that have a disability that occurred as a result of service. It also includes those veterans who died while on active duty and left children behind. The Marine Gunnery Sergeant Program, on the other hand, offers educational assistance to dependents of veterans who strictly passed on while in the line of duty. A spouse can ask for these benefits anytime but may be denied if 15 or 20 years have passed since the veteran died. For the Dependents’ Educational Assistance, a spouse may be denied the luxury of asking for the benefits if they choose to remarry. These programs ensure they pay the full amount to enable the dependants to concentrate on their studies without financial stress.


Spouses of veterans also benefit from readjustment counseling. It usually involves counseling to those veterans that had experienced any trauma when in their line of duty, those who served in combat theatre, among others. However, it may extend to family members who are closely related to the veteran. If a veteran goes through an unfortunate incident, the close relatives may be consciously or unconsciously affected by the same issue. Veterans seeking to transition from military to civilian life also go through counseling together with their spouses who are expected to walk with them in this transition journey. The counseling services are professional, and the beneficiaries are not required to pay. If the veteran died while on duty, they are given bereavement counseling sessions. These counseling sessions are readily available to the family of the veteran to help them cope with the loss of their loved ones. Counseling is also essential because it makes the family of the veteran know that the VA cared about the veteran and his family. Spouses who have a veteran partner that is disabled are also given counseling and training to learn how best they should cope with their partner. This kind of support is essential.

Aid And Attendance

Aid and Attendance is a pension benefit that is usually given to a veteran that served for 90 days or more during a war. It is usually given to the veterans or their spouses if they require the assistance of another to perform routine tasks such as eating, dressing, and bathing. This may include spouses who are taken care of in nursing homes. This aid is also given if it is determined that your countable yearly income is lower than that set standard amount. Apart from the pension, spouses of veterans are eligible for life insurance coverage through the Family Service Members’ Group Life Group. This saves you a lot of money since you won’t need to lias with another company to obtain life insurance for yourself. Note that there might be a limit set for spouses and dependents, and hence, it is good to know what the coverage limit is. If you want to know more about Aid and Attendance benefits check the article here.

Burial Benefits

If the veteran happens to die while in line of duty, the government takes responsibility for planning for the burial. It takes care of how the body of the deceased will be transported to the ideal burial location. The spouse is relieved from the stress of organizing for the burial. The government caters to all the costs incurred during the whole funeral arrangement. This allows the spouse to moan their loved one without having to stress about the funeral arrangements. Note that the deceased may not be eligible for a funeral honors if they had been set aside from military service under dishonorable conditions or if they had missed induction into military service. If your spouse deserved funeral honors and was eligible to be buried at the VA cemetery, it is the job of the funeral home director to get all these things done. As much as the spouse is expected to work with the funeral director in the burial arrangement, it is not the role of the spouse to request for the funeral honors and VA cemetery.

Being a spouse to a veteran is an honor. You get the opportunity to benefit from the various reward programs the government has set aside for the veterans. As much as the military life has many challenges, things become better for you if you are able to fully take advantage of the education, insurance, and healthcare benefits. Ensure you know all the benefits that you are supposed to get for being a spouse to a veteran.