Microsoft Store Spring Sale Now On With up to 60% Off Loads of Games

Microsoft Store Spring Sale Now On With up to 60% Off Loads of Games

Richard Walker

With the arrival of spring and the weather improving, there's never been a better time to hunker down and hide from the sun. Thank goodness, then, for the Microsoft Store Spring Sale, which has up to 60% off a load of digital games.

As well as loads of games, you can also save on Xbox Series X bundles and controllers, movies, TV shows, and more. But, really, most of us are here for the games right? You can see some of the titles on offer in the trailer below.

Hit up the Microsoft Store for your full lineup of Spring Sale discounts, available now until 20th April. You can find out about the rest of the savings over on the Xbox Wire here.

  • There's six games in the sale that I want, but I wish it had slightly better prices. I'm surprised they didn't have a Microsoft Rewards Points quest for this sale, as they usually do. I probably would've caved and bought some to complete the quest.
  • Sale kinda sucks. The only thing decently priced is the AC Chronicles bundle and the Farcry bundles.
  • @2, yeah, the sale is the same stuff they put up every Tuesday, but there was a handful of indies in there that I'm interested in. Plus, Wild Hearts, as I enjoyed the free trial, but I'm not not paying that sale price for it. I'll wait another year and it'll likely be half that price.
  • Looking at this poor sale and the last ones also being lame, I more and more get the feeling that they are trying to compensate the loss in store sales because of Game Pass by bringing nothing new to the weekly/other sales.

    It's the same boring stuff over and over again. There are some things on my wishlist for years that never heve been reduced more than maybe 20%, like the Bloodrayne Remakes for example.

    A few years ago, before GPU, there were way more things in the weekly sales than I could afford.
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