- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 39 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 40-50 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 [6 recommended]
- Missable achievements: Several, but save files can stop this
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Resident Evil 4 is back! This seminal classic has been remade from the ground up by Capcom, and as it turns out, you can make the game even better after all. Taking the franchise’s survival horror roots, and adding in a load more action, the game feels fantastic to play, improving on the original’s weaknesses, while still retaining the fun and slight goofiness that makes it so memorable.

It’s a game that plenty of us have sunk multiple hours and multiple playthroughs into, and if you’re looking to get the full 1000gs.png, then you’re going to have to be willing to do the same with the remake as well.

To get the full 1000gs.png, we’re going to have to play through Resident Evil 4 a LOT. The absolute minimum number of playthroughs required is four, and we wouldn’t recommend that, as you could end up spending even more time on the game restarting sections, and you won’t get a normal playthrough either.

As such, we recommend going for six playthroughs, including a first fun playthrough where you get to take your time, use whatever weapons you’d like, and collect all of the treasures and collectibles. Here’s our recommended runthrough and the achievements that each runthrough will unlock. Along the way, you’ll likely end up unlocking most of the other achievements, but we’ve got guides for each down below.

Standard Playthrough (on either Standard or Assisted difficulty)
Get all the treasures, take your time, find all the weapons, collect as much cash as possible, upgrade your weapons, collect all the Clockwork Castellons, and just generally have a fun normal first playthrough. Go on, enjoy it! The rest won't be this good.

Bandit (20G) 
Burglar (20G) 
Raider (20G) 
Jack of All Trades (30G) 
Revolution Wind-up (30G) 

Assisted NG+ playthrough
Start a second playthrough on NG+ on the Assisted difficulty setting. Only use handguns and knives, pick your preferred weapon in each of the two categories and make sure they are fully upgraded, and sell everything else.Try and continue to find treasures and money, or, if you missed any treasures on your first run, this is a great opportunity to grab them again for the trophy. Sell any leftover ammo and healing items that you find, skip cutscenes, and just attempt to complete the game quickly if you can (not necessary but makes the journey to 100% completion shorter).

By the time you reach chapter 16, you should have enough cash to buy the Infinite Rocket Launcher from the Merchant. Do this, but don’t use it on the final boss, keep using the handgun and knife. Don’t use healing items, just let your health refill, which will happen automatically when you're in the red on Assited difficulty.

We recommend using the Primal Knife on this playthrough, since it can be upgraded to be indestructable, but the choice of handgun is down to personal preference.

Frugalist (30G) 
Minimalist (30G) 

Professional NG+ playthrough
Professional is the hardest difficulty setting in Resident Evil 4. However, it's no match for the Infinite Rocket Launcher you picked up in the previous playthrough. Demolish everything in your path with your new toy, which should kill most bosses in 1-2 hits, and can even be used to destroy things like catapults and rock walls. Make liberal use of saves (we’re aiming for an A rank or an S rank here) and try to complete the game in under 5 and a half hours. You should be able to be able to easily complete in 3-4 hours using unlimited rockets, if we're honest, so there's plenty of wiggle room to be had. Skip all cutscenes and comms calls.

Doing this run helps us in multiple ways. Firstly, it unlocks the Chicago Sweeper in the process, which can be fully upgraded to have unlimited ammunition. Secondly, it unlocks the Armor outfit for Ashley, which stops her from being hurt or kidnapped. And finally, we also unlock the Gas Mask outfit item for Leon, which will be massively helpful for our future playthroughs, allowing you to turn on Aim Assist even on the highest difficulties, without impacting your rank.

Promising Agent (20G) 
Proficient Agent (30G) 
Peerless Agent (50G) 
Silent Stranger (30G) 
Sprinter (30G) 

Professional playthrough (no NG+ or bonus weapons)
At launch, there was only one way to get the Handcannon magnum, which was required to get the Gun Fanatic (20G) achievement. This was to beat a brand new game on Professional difficulty with no bonus weapons. Which is tough, and will likely take you around 10 hours, maybe even more.

However, since the release of the free The Mercenaries DLC, there's a much easier way to obtain the Handcannon, eliminating the need for this ultra-tough playthrough of the game. Instead, you can simply get an S-rank with any character on all three stages of The Mercenaries - Village, Castle, and Island. To get an S-rank, you need to get a score of 200,000 or higher, which is pretty easily done. You don't even need to use the same character on each stage - you just need to get an S-rank on the stage, regardless of the character you choose.

By the time you reach this step, you should be pretty good at Resident Evil 4, so you'll likely be able to get the Handcannon through The Mercenaries within 30 minutes, maybe an hour if you're struggling. That massively cuts down the time to getting a full 1000G, so if you've got access to the free DLC, it's definitely worth doing.

However, if for some reason you'd rather do things the hard way, here's our advice for the Professional playthrough.

Start a new game on Professional Difficulty (you can’t use NG+ unfortunately) and play through to completion. There’s no time limit on this playthrough, unless you want to attempt to combine this run with a Professional S+ rank run, but that will be much more difficult without the bonus weapons.

This playthrough is going to be very tough, especially in the opening chapters, when you have fewer poweful weapons. To help make things as easy as possible, make sure to equip Leon with the Gas Mask that you unlocked during the previous playthrough, and turn on Aim Assist in the settings. Additionally, you'll want to equip Ashley with the Armor so you never have to worry about her again. Finally, since you can't use the Primal Knife or Chicago Sweeper (these are the bonus weapons mentioned) you might as well sell them to the Merchant as soon as possible, for a nice extra 50,000 in total, to invest into your current arsenal. You'll be using your Combat Knife a lot here, so make sure to quickly upgrade its durability.

To finish this playthrough, you're just going to have to get pretty good at Resident Evil 4. The aim assist should help you land more of your shots, but beyond that, it's your knowledge of the game from previous playthroughs that's going to help the most here. Oh, and make sure to save all the time on any typewriter you see, and don't be afraid to backtrack to an old typewriter if you know you're about to hit a tough section, or if you've just cleared an area of enemies but you've still got a while until you hit the next save point. Perseverence will be your friend here, but we believe in you.

Gun Fanatic (20G) 

Standard S+ playthrough
You can’t obtain an S+ rank on a NG+ playthrough, so you’ll have to start this from scratch. However, you can use bonus items like the Handcannon, Chicago Sweeper, and Primal Knife, so make sure to grab them all from the Typewriter as soon as possible. Additionally, make sure to equip Leon with the Gas Mask and then switch on Aim Assist in the settings, and equip Ashley with the Armor so that she becomes basically invincible. To get an S+ rank, you’ll need to beat the game in under 5 hours, which is a tough ask.

The early stages will be the hardest, until you’re able to invest some money into upgrading your three bonus weapons, especially the Chicago Sweeper. Once this is fully upgraded, you’ll have unlimited ammunition, which means you can mow down basically any group of enemies ahead of you. The Handcannon’s massive damage is useful for bosses, while the Primal Knife getting fully upgraded to be indestructible means you can parry most attacks that come your way. Save liberally, and if you die, DO NOT CONTINUE. Quit out of the game and reload your save, rather than continuing, in order to keep your completion time down.

There is also a trick to make both this run and the Hardcore S+ run a little easier. A couple weeks after launch, Capcom has added new "Resident Evil 4 Weapon Exclusive Upgrade Ticket" items to the Microsoft Store. These tickets allow you to add the exclusive upgrade to any weapon once you first meet the Merchant in Chapter 2, at no additional cost.

These new microtransactions make getting these last two playthroughs completed so much easier, which feels a bit crappy in our opinion, especially since unlocking the infinite ammo upgrades for the Chicago Sweeper and Handcannon early make the game significantly more fun. But if you do want to give Capcom a bit more of your money, then you can buy a three-pack of the Weapon Exclusive Upgrade Tickets, and use them on the Primal Knife, Chicago Sweeper, and Primal Knife, to unlock infinite ammo for all three. This makes the game significantly easier, and you should be able to complete a playthrough on either Standard or Hardcore in around 4 hours.

Mission Accomplished S+ (30G) 

Hardcore S+ playthrough 
Same as the Standard S+ playthrough, but much harder, and has to be separate as they don't stack. Luckily, you get an extra 30 minutes to complete this run, meaning you need to beat the game in 5-and-a-half hours. You’ll be starting on a brand new save file, no NG+, which will make the opening few chapters the toughest part of this run.

Grab the Handcannon, Chicago Sweeper, and Primal Knife from the Typewriter as soon as possible, and invest any money you grab into upgrading these three weapons, starting with the Chicago Sweeper. You won't be able to unlock its Unlimited Ammo upgrade until Chapter 9, about halfway through the game, but once you do, the rest of the run should be significantly easier.  Additionally, make sure to equip Leon with the Gas Mask and then switch on Aim Assist in the settings, and equip Ashley with the Armor so that she becomes basically invincible. Save liberally, and if you die, DO NOT CONTINUE. Quit out of the game and reload your save, rather than continuing, in order to keep your completion time down.

Make liberal use of your bonus weapons, and as soon as you fully upgrade the Chicago Sweeper, you should be able to make up for lost time in the earlier chapters.

As mentioned earlier in the guide, you can make this run significantly easier by purchasing the "Resident Evil 4 Weapon Exclusive Upgrade Ticket" items from the Microsoft Store. As exploitative as it is, buying three of these tickets (with real world money) means you can get infinite ammo for the Handcannon and Chicago Typewriter once you meet the Merchant in Chapter 2, as well as making the Primal Knife unbreakable. From this point on, the game becomes much easier, and as long as you run through areas quickly, you should be able to easily get a time under 5-and-a-half hours.

S+ Rank Investigator (50G) 

A remake full of changes and adjustments that stays true to the spirit of the original, Resident Evil 4 can't be seen as anything but a complete success. Some may malign what's missing, but the areas that have been added or expanded more than make up for what's been taken out. This is brilliant stuff.

Resident Evil 4 Achievement Guide

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There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Parry an enemy with a knife.

    You can do this as soon as you encounter the first enemy in the Village. Wait for them to lunge or throw something at you, then use LB to parry it when the button prompt appears, or when you feel the timing is right. You can parry almost any attack, so you’ll unlock this without much effort.
  • Upgrade a weapon.

    As soon as you meet the Merchant, you can spend pesetas on upgrading your arsenal. Choose an upgrade in the store’s ‘Tune Up’ tab, purchase it, and this will pop.
  • Get the exclusive upgrade for a weapon.

    There are two ways to acquire an ‘exclusive upgrade’ for a weapon. One is to save up 30 spinel to purchase a ticket from the Merchant, or wait until Chapter 9, when you’ll unlock advanced upgrades for weapons. Should you gain every upgrade for a weapon, you’ll then be able to buy an exclusive upgrade. This will take a lot of cash, so be sure to hoard those pesetas where possible.
  • Complete a request for the Merchant.

    Merchant requests are available via blue notes pasted up in certain locations. The first involves finding and shooting five blue medallions in the Village farm area, which is pretty straightforward. Complete this and turn it in at the Merchant, and you’ll unlock this.

    See ​​​​Jack of All Trades (30G) 
  • Rescue Ashley as she's being carried away by the enemy.

    You’ll first meet Ashley Graham at the church, and it’s not long before you’re besieged by enemies. Leon’s mission is to protect her, but now and again you’ll be outnumbered, and she’ll get carted off by a Ganado or cultist. Should this happen, shoot the enemy attempting to snatch her, and they’ll drop Ashley, unlocking this achievement. You can also run up behind an enemy holding Ashley, and do a knife taketown using RT.
  • Destroy a Clockwork Castellan.

    There are sixteen Clockwork Castellan dolls hidden throughout Resident Evil 4 - one per chapter. If you keep an ear out, you’ll hear them whirring away. Should you manage to spot one, simply shoot it and you’ll be rewarded with this achievement. See Revolution Wind-up (30G)  for the full list of Clockwork Castellan locations.
  • Defeat 3 enemies at once with a flash grenade.

    You can get hold of a flash grenade fairly early on, and there are plenty of opportunities to group some enemies together for this. I’d recommend saving some flash grenades for the whippy head Las Plagas Ganados, as a flash grenade is an instant kill. Try and group three or more whippy heads together, then toss a flash grenade in there. Boom. Done.

    Alternatively, you can get this much earlier in the game, in any area that has three or more crows, such as the Quarry. Sneak towards them, chuck a flash grenade, and watch the achievement pop.
  • Defeat a Garrador using only knives.

    This is much easier than it sounds. As soon as the fight with the first Garrador (we like to call him Gary) begins, simply crouch and move around slowly, avoiding the chains dangling from the ceiling - these will alert him. Creep up behind the Garrador, avoiding his random flailing, then stab him in the back when the prompt appears. Repeat this several times, and your combat knife will probably break, but you’ll bag this achievement. Small price to pay.
  • Kill 2 parasites inside a Regenerador with a single bullet.

    Bit tricky, this. As if battling a Regenerator isn’t already stressful enough, here, you need to use a rifle (we’d recommend the Stingray) fitted with the thermal scope, and attempt to line up two las plagas parasites with one shot. You’ll need to upgrade the rifle at the Merchant to make sure it’s powerful enough, then find a Regenerator that has two parasites close enough together to be popped with just one bullet. Good luck!
  • Use a cannon to defeat a zealot.

    After you’ve infiltrated the castle walls and raised the cannon, you’ll use said cannon to blast open the castle gates and destroy any catapults giving you grief. While on the cannon, send a cannonball at any cultists rushing towards you, and blow them to smithereens to earn this achievement.
  • Make it through both minecart sections in the underground tunnel without taking any damage.

    In Chapter 11, there are two minecart ride sections, both of which have save stations right before them. To get this achievement, it’s easiest to play on Standard or Assisted difficulty, as enemies go down easier and you can reload from the last checkpoint if your cart gets damaged.

    In the first minecart ride, the main things to look out for are enemies riding in their own minecarts, who will shoot at you with crossbows. You’ll want to shoot the riders as soon as you see them, making sure to hold your aim still for a second to make the crosshair smaller. There are also wooden planks and track changers to shoot, but for the most part, this is quite easy, and it’ll just take a few attempts while you learn the track and where the dangers are.

    The second minecart ride is the more difficult one, as you’ll have the chainsaw-wielding villager to contend with as well. You can actually shoot his cart enough to destroy it, removing him as a threat, but by the time you manage this, you’re nearly at the end of the ride anyway. For the most part, you’ll want to concentrate on the enemies with crossbows in the other minecarts, and you’ll need good accuracy since they are often further away this time. When the chainsaw villager does ride up beside you, it takes 2-3 shots with the handgun to stop him from attacking with his chainsaw. Keep an eye out for enemies on the track, and if you do take damage, just reload the autosave from the last checkpoint.

    The trick with both of these is just learning the track, and knowing where enemies will pop out so you can deal with them quickly enough. Make use of any exploding red barrels that you see, and keep retrying until you get the achievement. You also don’t need to do both minecart rides at the same time, or even in the same playthrough, to get the achievement.
  • Reach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping once.

    If you’re following our full achievement guide roadmap, then save this one for the Infinite Rocket Launcher run, as the big blast radius and insta-kill nature of the weapon makes keeping enemies off of the lift very easy.

    Otherwise, it’s probably best to attempt this during a Standard or Assisted run, as you can reload from the last autosave if too many enemies make it onto the lift at once and stop it from rising. The trick is to take out enemies as they make their way up the clocktower, keeping an eye on the platforms above and around you, and killing any enemies who are about to jump down. This is extremely tricky to do on a first go, but once you’ve learnt where enemies are likely to come from, it gets a bit easier. Make good use of the red explosive barrels on the platforms above you to kill multiple foes at once, and reload your autosave if the lift stops.
  • Escape on the water scooter without taking any damage.

    This involves weaving left and right to avoid falling rocks and various objects bobbing around in the water. Make sure you’ve saved at the typewriter before getting on the water scooter (a jetski to everyone else), so if you hit something, you can load it up and try again. The jetski has its own green health bar, so you’ll know when you’ve taken damage. Get to the end with the scooter’s health intact, and this should unlock.
  • Sell a single treasure for at least 100000 ptas.

    While in the Depths area beneath the castle in Chapter 10, you’ll find the corpses of prisoners who’ve died of starvation. On one of the bodies is an ‘elegant crown’. On its own, the crown is only worth 19,000 ptas, but once you’ve inlaid it with five gemstones of different colours,  it raises its value to 100,000 ptas, thanks to the x2.0 ‘five colours bonus’.

    There are six gemstones to choose from (Ruby, Sapphire, Yellow Diamond, Emerald, Red Beryl, and Alexandrite) but you'll want to make sure to use the Red Beryl rather than the Ruby, to increase the crown's value.

    Sell it to the Merchant once you’ve inlaid the stones, and you’ll get a lovely cash injection, and this achievement.
  • Bandit



    Obtain all treasures indicated on the village treasure map in a single playthrough.

    The most important thing to do here is to make a separate save file at the beginning of Chapter 1, so that you can return to do the whole village section if you miss anything, and to buy the Village Map from the Merchant as soon as possible in Chapter 2. Once you have the Village Map, all 39 treasure locations will be marked on your map, so it’s a simple case of frequently checking your map so that you don’t leave any treasure behind.

    The main thing that might trip you up during this section is the use of Small Keys. There are four Small Keys found throughout the Village section of the game, and they are to be used on four Locked Drawers. However, while any key can be used on any drawer, it’s important to make sure you use them in the correct locations, as you can inadvertently softlock certain treasures in Locked Drawers if you’re not careful

    Small Keys
    • Valley - Use on the Locked Drawer at Abandoned Factory
    • Village Chief’s Manor - Use on the Locked Drawer in the Village
    • Fish Farm - Use on the Locked Drawer in the Merchant’s Hideout
    • Forest Altar - Use on the Locked Drawer under the Lakeside Settlement
    • Church - Use on the Locked Drawer under the Church

    Additionally, you’ll need to pick up the Old Wayshrine Key at the beginning of Chapter 4, by the dock at Mural Cave to the south of the lake. This can then be used at multiple Locked Wayshrines marked on your map.

    Finally, there is one piece of treasure locked behind a hexagon puzzle, by the docks just east of the Fish Farm. To open this, you’ll need three Hexagon Pieces.
    • Hexagon Piece A - Located in a chest within the Merchant’s Hideout
    • Hexagon Piece B - Located in a chest in the Fish Farm
    • Hexagon Piece C - Located in a chest in the Small Cave Shrine to the northeast of the lake.
  • Obtain all treasures indicated on the castle treasure map in a single playthrough.

    Make a separate save file at the beginning of Chapter 7, so that you can always return to the beginning of the Castle section of the game and find all the treasures, if you miss some. Make sure to purchase the Castle Map from the Merchant as soon as possible, which will mark all 41 treasures on your map.

    Small Keys
    • Room northwest of the Bindery - Use on the Locked Drawer in the Battlements
    • Corridor north of the Grand Hall on the way to the Knights fight - Use on the Locked Drawer in the Bindery
    • Room north of the ballroom, with a train ride to the Clock Tower - Use on the Locked Drawer in the Audience Chamber
    You’ll also need to find the Cubic Device in the corridor leading to the Armory, which will then be used to unlock treasures, much like the Old Wayshrine Key. These can all be backtracked to at the beginning of Chapter 12, just make sure not to head towards the Clock Tower until you’re done.

    You'll also need to unlock treasures during the section where you play as Ashley, using the keyring you find. There are three treasures to be found in her section using the three different keys, so keep an eye out for them on your map.
  • Raider



    Obtain all treasures indicated on the island treasure map in a single playthrough.

    This is a much easier achievement to get than Bandit (20G) or Burglar (20G) , as there are no Small Keys to worry about, and not much backtracking either. Like the previous two achievements, make sure to buy the Island Map from the Merchant as soon as you can, and check your map for treasure frequently so that you don’t leave any behind. You should also make sure to create a separate save file right at the beginning of Chapter 13, in case you do miss any treasure, so you can go back to the beginning of the Island section and work your way back through.
  • Obtain all weapons.

    There are 29 weapons in Resident Evil 4. Some are found in specific places, while others have to be purchased from the Merchant or unlocked via certain specific requirements. Here’s the complete list of weapons:
    • Handguns:
      • SG-09 R - Starting weapon
      • Punisher - Trade Spinels with Merchant
      • Blacktail - Purchase from Merchant
      • Red9 - Found in the lake
      • Matilda - Purchase from Merchant
    • Magnums
      • Broken Butterfly - Purchase from Merchant
      • Killer7 - Purchase from Merchant
    • Shotguns
      • W-870 - Found on the top floor in the biggest house in the Village Square in Chapter 1
      • Riot Gun - Purchase from Merchant
      • Striker - Purchase from Merchant
    • Rifles
      • SR M1903 - Purchase from Merchant
      • Stingray - Purchase from Merchant
      • CQBR Assault Rifle - Located on the upper floor in the southern most part of the Library in Chapter 10, requires the Cubic Device to unlock
    • Submachine Guns
      • TMP - Purchase from Merchant
      • LE 5 - Found in a side room in the Freezer in Chapter 13, behind a puzzle door
    • Bolt Thrower - Purchase from Merchant
    • Rocket Launcher - Purchase from Merchant
    • Rocket Launcher (Special) - Obtained during the final boss fight
    • Infinite Rocket Launcher - Purchased for 2,000,000 in any NG+ run
    • Chicago Sweeper - Beat the game on Professional with an A rank (under 7 hours)
    • Handcannon - Beat the game on Professional without using bonus weapons on a brand new game (no NG+)
    • Knives
      • Kitchen Knife - Found around the world
      • Boot Knife - Found around the world
      • Combat Knife - Starting weapon
      • Fighting Knife - Obtained by defeating Krauser
      • Primal Knife - Obtained by destroying all 16 Clockwork Castallans.
    • Grenades
      • Hand Grenade - Found in the game world
      • Heavy Grenade - Found in the game world
      • Flash Grenade - Found in the game world
  • Complete all requests from the Merchant.

    Merchant requests can be found via blue notes pasted about the place. There are nineteen requests to complete, and most are quite easy to find. Complete their requirements then turn them in at any Merchant, and they’ll be chalked off. Here’s the list of all the Merchant Requests in the game, and their requirements:

    Destroy the Blue Medallions
    • Area: Farm
    • Reward: Spinel x 3
    • Progress: 5/5
    Find the blue note by the gate at the farm’s exit, and the five blue medallions will be marked on your map.

    See our full Blue Medallions Location Guide here.

    Pest Control - Kill the rats
    • Area: Abandoned Factory
    • Reward: Spinel x 3
    • Progress: 3/3
    In the factory where you begin Chapter 2, there are three rats running around. Kill them using a knife (don’t waste bullets) to complete this. If you’re struggling to find them, you can listen for their squeaks, or turn closed captions on in the settings.

    Viper Hunter - Sell vipers to the merchant
    • Area: None specified
    • Reward: Spinel x 4
    • Progress: 3/3
    You’ll come across several vipers hiding in boxes from Chapter 3 onwards, which can be killed and collected. If you’re struggling with this, then head to the Fish Farm, and farm the vipers that spawn there. Sell three of them to the Merchant to complete this.

    Grave Robber - Destroy the emblems on the twins’ tombstones
    • Area: Church
    • Reward: Spinel x 2
    • Progress: 2/2
    In the graveyard outside of the Church, there are multiple tombstones with symbols on them. There are two tombstones very close together, both with the same V-shaped symbol. Shoot both of the symbols to complete this.

    Destroy the Blue Medallions 2
    • Area: Quarry ~ Fish Farm
    • Reward: Spinel x 4
    • Progress: 5/5
    Find the blue note in the Quarry, before you reach the Merchant’s Hideout, and the five blue medallions will be marked on your map.

    See our full Blue Medallions Location Guide here.

    Egg Hunt - Find the rare gold chicken egg and sell it to the merchant
    • Area: None Specified (Lake)
    • Reward: Spinel x 3
    • Progress: 1/1
    You can find our Gold Chicken Egg guide here.

    Catch Me a Big Fish - Find a Lunker Bass fish and sell it to the merchant
    • Area: Lake (by the boathouse)
    • Reward: Spinel x 4
    • Progress: 1/1
    The Lunker Bass is found just a tiny bit east of the boathouse, to the south of the lake. It’s a very big fish, so it’s hard to miss. Hit it with a harpoon from your boat and trundle over to pick it up.

    A Savage Mutt - Kill the powerful infected dog
    • Area: Village Chief’s Manor
    • Reward: Spinel x 8
    • Progress: 1/1
    Once you begin Chapter 5, head towards the Village Square, but then head south to the Village Chief’s Manor instead of north. Head into the house, and when you leave, you’ll find a dog behind the gate leading back to the Village Square. It’ll run away, so follow it to the Village Square, and then pump all your best weapons into it to kill it.

    Destroy the Blue Medallions 3
    • Area: Castle Gate
    • Reward: Spinel x 5
    • Progress: 6/6
    Find the blue note next to the gate that you destroy with the cannon in the Castle Gate area, and the six blue medallions will be marked on your map. A couple of them are very high up and distant, but can be easily destroyed using the cannon.

    See our full Blue Medallions Location Guide here.

    Destroy the Blue Medallions 4
    • Area: Grand Hall
    • Reward: Spinel x 5
    • Progress: 6/6
    Find the Blue Note in the Grand Hall by the Merchant, and the six blue medallions will be marked on your map.

    See our full Blue Medallions Location Guide here.

    More Pest Control - Kill the rats
    • Area: Grand Hall ~ Library
    • Reward: Spinel x 3
    • Progress: 3/3
    Between the Grand Hall and the Library,including the corridors immediately off of the Grand Hall, there are three rats. Listen out for their squeaks (you can put closed captions on in the settings to see ‘rat noises’ in the subtitles) and kill all three.

    Insect Hive - Destroy the entrances to the hive
    • Area: Hive
    • Reward: Spinel x 4
    • Progress: 4/4
    Towards the end of Chapter 11, after the two minecart rides, you’ll find yourself in the Hive. Above you is a giant insect hive, with four pulsating glowing growths on its sides. Shoot all four growths (easiest with a rifle) to complete this.

    Merciless Knight - Kill the powerful knight enemy
    • Area: Mausoleum
    • Reward: Spinel x 8
    • Progress: 1/1
    Once you begin Chapter 12, don’t jump on the tram towards the Clock Tower. Instead, backtrack to the Mausoleum where you previously played as Ashley, where you’ll fight a powerful Golden Knight, and two regular Plagas Knights. Try and take out the weaker knights first, and then get behind the Golden Knight to do damage to the Plagas on its back.

    Jewel Thief - Recover a stolen jewel from a crow nest and sell to the merchant.
    • Area: Courtyard
    • Reward: Spinel x 3
    • Progress: 1/1
    Once you begin Chapter 12, don’t jump on the tram towards the Clock Tower. Instead, backtrack to the Merchant’s area just west of the courtyard. From the Merchant’s door, if you turn 180 degrees and look directly up to the ledge on your left, you’ll see a bird’s nest. Shoot it, collect the Scratched Emerald, and sell it to the Merchant.

    The Disgrace of the Salazar Family - Deface the portrait in the Throne Room
    • Area: Throne Room
    • Reward: Spinel x 4
    • Progress: 1/1
    Once you begin Chapter 12, don’t jump on the tram towards the Clock Tower. Instead, head east back towards the Throne Room, where previously you only experienced a cutscene. Find the portrait of Roman Salazar on the left-hand side of the room, and chuck a Chicken Egg at it. Luckily, there’s a chicken running around laying eggs anyway, so don’t worry if you don’t already have one.

    Destroy the Blue Medallions 5
    • Area: Cargo Depot
    • Reward: Spinel x5
    • Progress: 5/5
    Find the blue note in the room just north of Facility 1 Storage, at the beginning of Chapter 14, and the five blue medallions will be marked on your map.

    See our full Blue Medallions Location Guide here.

    Even More Pest Control - Kill the rats
    • Area: Waste Disposal
    • Reward: Spinel x 3
    • Progress: 4/4
    There are four rats found from the sewer to Waste Disposal during Chapter 14. Listen out for their squeaks, and kill all four.

    The Wandering Dead - Kill the powerful Regenerador
    • Area: Incubation Lab
    • Reward: Spinel x 8
    • Progress: 1/1
    During Chapter 14, you’ll find a blue note asking you to kill as power Regenerador. Backtrack to the Incubation Lab. Lock Ashley in the yellow locker on the way, and get prepared to fight a much more powerful Regenerador. This guy has loads of parasites inside him, so use your thermal scope and stock up on rifle ammo or explosives.

    Destroy the Blue Medallions 6
    • Area: Cliffside Ruins
    • Reward: Spinel x5
    • Progress: 5/5
    After defeating Krauser, you’ll work your way through a military area with a Helicopter helping you out. Keep going until your reach the area where the heli is attacked by bugs. This is the area you’ll find the blue note, just a bit further ahead. Collect this, and the blue medallion locations will be marked on your map.

    See our full Blue Medallions Location Guide here.
  • Destroy all Clockwork Castellans.

    There are sixteen Clockwork Castellan figurines in total - one per chapter. You can hear them, as they make a whirring sound, but they can still be tough to locate.

    Find our full guide to all the Clockwork Castellan locations here.
  • Complete the main story on Standard mode or higher.

    The easiest, and most straightforward of Resident Evil 4’s playthroughs. Simply complete the game a Standard mode and enjoy the ride. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, how many times you die, or how many times you save. The same can’t be said of the S+ rank playthroughs, unfortunately, so make the most of this one.
  • Complete the main story on Standard mode with an S+ rank.

    To do this, you’ll need to start a New Game (not New Game+) on Standard mode, and beat Resident Evil 4 in under five hours. No easy task, although you can use bonus weapons that you have unlocked. For the best way to tackle this task, take a look at our Achievement Guide & Roadmap above. Frustratingly, this does NOT stack with S+ Rank Investigator (50G) meaning they will have to be separate playthroughs.
  • Complete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher.

  • Complete the main story on Hardcore mode with an S+ rank.

    To do this, you’ll need to start a New Game (not New Game+) on Hardcore mode, and beat Resident Evil 4 in under five and a half hours. Even more difficult than Mission Accomplished S+ (30G), with some boss fights in particular likely to slow you down. Best attempted using the bonus weapons unlocked in previous playthroughs, especially if you use our recommended playthrough order in the Achievement Guide & Roadmap above.
  • Complete the main story within 8 hours.

    You’ll unlock this in the process of getting an S+ rank for Mission Accomplished S+ (30G) and S+ Rank Investigator (50G) anyway, but if you’re struggling, just put the difficulty down to Assisted.
  • Complete the main story without using a recovery item.

    Best done on the Assisted difficulty setting, as that replenishes your health automatically if you’re already too low.

    We recommend doing this on New Game+ so you have powerful upgraded weapons, meaning you can save up your cash for the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Our roadmap combines this with the Minimalist (30G) achievement to reduce the number of playthroughs you need to attempt.
  • Complete the main story using only knives and handguns. (Excluding specific battles.)

    Best done on Assisted difficulty, and we recommend doing it on New Game+ as well, so you have a fully upgraded handgun and knife (ideally the Primal Knife, unlocked through the Revolution Wind-up (30G) achievement.

    Our roadmap combines this with the Frugalist (30G) achievement to reduce the total number of playthroughs that you need to attempt.
  • Complete the main story without talking to the Merchant once.

    If you're going for all of the achievements anyway, then don't bother tackling this achievement until you're on New Game+ with the Infinite Rocket Launcher, as by then, you won't ever need to upgrade or buy anything. Otherwise, make sure you've got the weapons you want upgraded and purchased before starting any New Game+ run, as you won't be able to buy or sell for the entire playthrough.
  • Complete a game at the shooting range.

    This is easy. Visit the Merchant’s shooting range by taking the lift (there are five opportunities to visit the shooting range at select Merchant locations), then complete one of the games. You don’t even have to get a good grade - just finish the challenge.
  • Earn an S rank in all games at the shooting range.

    This will likely take a fair few attempts, but if you persevere long enough, you’ll be able to learn the patterns for each shooting gallery. Be sure to target the skull medallions, too (there are ten to look out for during each challenge), to maximise your score (they’re worth 300 points a pop), while making sure not to hit any innocent sailors, as you’ll lose 500 points for each one caught in your crossfire.

    The multi-weapon shooting ranges will require judicious use of each weapon, so use rifles for ranged shots, shotguns for clusters of targets, and the pistol for mid-range targets. Yellow pirates holding dynamite are useful, as well - shoot the dynamite and you’ll clear the board. Be wary of each challenge’s special requirements for bonus mode, too - in most instances, you’ll need to activate it to attain the score target for S rank. There are five opportunities to visit the shooting range throughout Resident Evil 4’s campaign.

    You can check out our video below for the method to get an S-rank in each Shooting Range Challenge.

  • Shoot through and destroy 5 targets at the shooting range with a single shot.

    During the 4-A shooting range challenge, there’s a long line of dog targets that pop up that are perfect for the Punisher. Bank to the left or right, line up your shot with the long line of dogs, and time it right - the bullet should penetrate five targets and unlock this.

Secret achievements

  • Defeat Del Lago.

    You’ll encounter Del Lago, the giant mutant fish creature, upon taking your little motorboat out into the lake. To defeat it, you’ll need to hurl harpoons at him until he succumbs to your pointy barrage. Make sure to put the harpoons down before hitting an obstacle, so you can move out of the way with the left thumbstick. Avoid debris and direct attacks from Del Lago, and you’ll easily come out on top.
  • Defeat Bitores Méndez.

    As in the 2005 original version of RE4, this is a two-phase battle. First you’ll have to shoot Mendez for a bit, until he separates from his legs and starts swinging around the rafters.

    For the first phase, you want to spend as much time as possible on the second floor of the building, up the ladders behind you. Being on this second floor is useful for three reasons - you can parry the bosses attacks, you're less likely to get grabbed, and you've got a much better vantage point to shoot the eye on his back, which is his weak point. You don't need to exclusively target the eye, but you'll do a bit more damage if you do hit it. Damage him enough and he'll go down, allowing you to perform a jumping takedown with your knife. Repeat this a couple of times to start the second phase.

    At this point, the Big Cheese loses his bottom half, and starts swinging from the ceiling. When he's at a distance, strafe left and right to avoid the flaming junk he throws at you, and be ready to shoot the red barrels whenever he picks them up. Whenever he gets close, plug away with you weapon, and be sure to stab him up with a knife takedown whenever the prompt appears. Repeat this a few times, and you’ll kill off the boss. Make sure to grab the treasure he drops before you leave the room, and you'll get an eyeball to sell the the Merchant for your efforts.
  • Defeat the Verdugo.

    You’ll meet the Verdugo in a claustrophobic subterranean area, and the best way to take him down is to make use of the liquid nitrogen nozzles activated via switches on the wall. Take care to avoid his whiplash tail with the evade button (B by default) when he's in the vents, and then try to lure the Verdugo underneath the nozzles dangling from the ceiling.

    When he's following you, hit the button (indicated by the consoles with the green light on the wall) and keep running. The liquid nirtogen should freeze him, and once he’s all icey, get off as many shots as you can with your most powerful weapons, then retreat, luring him to the next nozzle. Rinse and repeat until the Verdugo croaks.

    This boss fight can be partially avoided by jumping into the lift once it arrives, even if the Verdugo is still alive. However, doing this won't unlock the achievement.
  • Defeat Ramón Salazar.

    This one deserves a place amid the pantheon of annoying Resident Evil boss fights. First and foremost, make sure you maintain distance from Salazar, or he’ll gobble Leon up in one go and that’ll be that. Wait until the monster’s maw is open, and throw in a heavy grenade if you have one. Failing that, try to shoot the yellow eye on Ramon’s stupid face - he’s inside the creature’s mouth. Keep plugging away and moving, being sure to shoot the exploding pustules he dispenses on the floor, and avoid the stream of acid spit he likes to spew your way, as this inflicts major damage.
  • Defeat Jack Krauser.

    This battle goes on a fair while, so make sure you’re well stocked up on ammo and health. First, there’s a gauntlet to endure and a fair bit of knife fighting before you even properly face off with Krauser. Grenades are handy here for breaking Krauser’s guard, as he likes to turtle up with his big bony claws.Try to shoot his legs when he does this, or hit him with a flash grenade, and then pump him full of lead. I’d recommend pelting him with grenades where possible, being sure to make them count.
  • Defeat Osmund Saddler.

    Resident Evil 4’s final boss is, predictably, a pain in the arse. You’ll need to shoot the orangey-yellow eyes on Saddler’s spidery limbs, and if you fancy yourself as a sharpshooter, a rifle will serve you well. Otherwise, hitting the explosive barrels littering the walkways will help, and you can do some damage with a well-upgraded handgun. Once you’ve popped a few of Saddler’s eyeballs, his head will flop to the floor, and you’ll be able to shank his mouth eyeball with your combat knife. Repeat this a few times, and Saddler will enter his final phase. Avoid the lashing tentacles and try to damage the big yellow orb as much as you can, while waiting for the special rocket launches to drop. As soon as Ada throws it your way, make a beeline for it, aim carefully, and let rip. Well done. You’ve just beaten RE4’s final boss.
  • Throw a grenade into Ramón Salazar's mouth.

    While getting close to Salazar isn’t a great idea, you might have to try and go near to his mouth for this. Ensuring you have a grenade equipped, time your throw so that it drops into Salazar’s gaping toothy maw at the right moment. It’s pretty easy to do, so you should have little problem arcing a grenade into his gob.
  • Complete the main story on Professional mode.

    This is the hardest difficulty setting in the game, but with no rank requirement, you can tackle this on New Game+ using a previous save file. Having fully upgraded weapons makes this run much easier, and if you want to make things even simpler, we recommend following our roadmap at the top of the page. This will see you tackling Professional for the first time using the Infinite Rocket Launcher, which means you should be able to complete the game in about 3-4 hours, giving you an S-rank and unlocking the Chicago Sweeper bonus weapon in the process, which is essential for unlocking Gun Fanatic (20G) 

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