- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 40 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 50-60 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 0
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

PowerWash Simulator is the latest in a long line of wacky and bizarre sim games to drop that, on paper, seems like it's dull as dishwater, but when you play it, what you have is this completely addictive and incredibly tranquil - and almost cathartic - video game that you'll struggle to put down. That's the best way to sum it up. You'll find yourself powerwashing cars and boats, all the way to children's playgrounds and even ancient ruins! PowerWash Simulator is just one of the most satisfying games you'll play. If that sounds like your thing, then join us and unlock all 1000gs.png, which while it may take a long time, it'll be fun and it's super easy. Well, for the most part. All it takes is careful planning.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
PowerWash Simulator is a relatively straightforward list, but one that does require some careful planning so as to avoid redoing levels. The list is basically made up of:
  • Purchase achievements - Where you buy everything you can from the in-game shop for each. 
  • Challenge achievements - Which you can tackle whenever.
  • Career progression achievements - Which you get for getting stars and completing the career.
And finally, and definitely not least:
  • Mid-mission objectives - These are the ones you must plan for.
The following levels have specific mid-mission achievements:
 There is also one miscellaneous achievement, Coconut Dodge (10G), which can be done on any of the Fairground levels (i.e. the Carousel, Helter Skelter or Ferris Wheel).

If you pay attention to the level when you load in and do the objective (as linked above), by the time you finish the career you should have all the achievements without having to replay any. Or at least only have a few left, like the Challenge achievements.

If you do happen to screw up an objective, you cannot restart a level once you've started it; however, once you've completed a level to 100%, it'll be in the Free Play area and you can attempt it again.

And that's it. PowerWash Simulator is a fairly easy 1000gs.png should you plan carefully, and while it might take you a while, it's pretty damn fun. So give it a go. It's the perfect GamePass game.
[XBA would like to thank Webb for this Roadmap]

PowerWash Simulator Achievement Guide

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There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Own all cleaning liquids at the same time

    There are six cleaning liquids in all that slowly become available as you work through a few of the opening levels of PowerWash Simiulator's career. They are:
    • Glass Cleaner ($10.00)
    • Metal Cleaner ($10.00)
    • Plastic Cleaner ($10.00)
    • Stone Cleaner ($10.00)
    • Multi-Purpose Cleaner ($10.00)
    • Wood Cleaner ($10.00)
    Simply own one of each at the same time (as in, in your inventory), and this achievement is yours.
  • Own the Prime Vista 1500 and three of its attachments

    The Prime Vista 1500 is the starting Power Washer in PowerWash Simulator. In order to unlock this achievement, you have to own three of its five attachments:
    • Prime Vista 1500 Extra Long Extension ($0.00)
    • Prime Vista 1500 Turbo Nozzle ($15.00)
    • Prime Vistas 1500 Short Extension ($25.00)
    • Prime Vista 1500 Long Extension ($50.00)
    • Prime Vista 1500 Soap Nozzle ($75.00)
    All of the attachments will not be available from the start, and some will require some career progression to unlock new items.
  • Own the UrbanX U2 and four of its attachments

    The UrbanX U2 is the second-most powerful Power Washer in the game (classed as a Medium Duty Power Washer), worth $900.00. In order to unlock this achievement you have to own four of its five attachments from the in-game store (top right of the pause menu, as indicated by the orange icon):
    • Urban X U2 Turbo Nozzle ($75.00)
    • Urban X U2 Short Extension ($125.00)
    • Urban X U2 Long Extension ($250.00)
    • Urban X U2 Soap Nozzle ($375.00)
    • Urban X U2 Extra Long Extension ($500.00)
    Like the Prime Vista 1500, not all of the accessories are available from the start, so progress through the career until the new attachments are available.
  • Own the Prime Vista 3000 and five of its attachments

    The third most powerful Power Washer in the game is none other than the Prime Vista 3000, a Heavy Duty washer worth $2,000.00. Unlike Fully Equipped (10G) and Urban Xpert (20G), for this achievement you have to unlock all five of its attachments from the store (top right of the pause menu, as indicated by the orange icon):
    • Prime Vista 3000 Turbo Nozzle ($120.00)
    • Prime Vista 3000 Short Extension ($200.00)
    • Prime Vista 3000 Long Extension ($400.00)
    • Prime Vista 3000 Soap Nozzle ($600.00)
    • Prime Vista 3000 Extra Long Extension ($800.00)
    Again, like the other two inferior models, not all attachments will be available from the start, so progress through the career to get access to all five attachments.
  • Own the Prime Vista PRO and six of its attachments

    Last, but definitely not least, is the Prime Vista PRO, the ultimate Power Washer, and the best in the game. The Prime Vista Pro is classed as a Professional Duty Power Washer and costs a hefty $5,000. Unlike the other Power Washer models, the Prime Vista PRO has six attachments. Five are unlocked probably before you can afford this beast of a Power Washer, but the last one (the Prime Vista PRO Triple Tip Nozzle) is only unlocked when you get to the last level of the career, the monstrous Lost City Palace level. The six attachments you need to buy from the store (top right of the pause menu, as indicated by the orange icon) are:
    • Prime Vista PRO Turbo Nozzle ($180.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Short Extension ($300.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Long Extension ($600.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Soap Nozzle ($900.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Extra Long Extension ($1,200.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Triple Tip Nozzle ($2,400.00)
  • Equip a new outfit, gloves and washer modification at the same time

    Relatively simple, this one. Head to the shop (top right of the pause menu, as indicated by the orange icon), then head to Clothing. In there, buy a pair of gloves (the cheaper the better if you want this early on, to be honest, so you can spend your cash on better equipment) and an outfit (all of which are $50).

    Once you've done that, back out to the store menu and go to Modifications, where you can buy skins for your Power Washer. Buy one of those. Again, preferably the cheapest.

    Finally, hit what was the old "back button" (with the two squares button-page.png) and go over a tab to clothing. Then, simply equip your new outfit and gloves. Now go back to your current loadout and click the bottom right corner of your equipped Power Washer icon. If you bought a skin (AKA a modification) for the currently equipped Power Washer it will show here. Equip it and this achievement will unlock. 
  • Completely clean the Van using only the red nozzle

    Super simple, this one, but it can take a while. Basically, only use the "0 Degree Nozzle" (the "red nozzle") while cleaning the Van. No fancy tips here to assist things, so just take your time and have fun.
  • In the Backyard, complete all 12 stepping stones first

    Before you absolutely do anything else in the Backyard, you're going to want to spray the 12 stepping stones, which can be found on the top patio leading from the gate to the patio itself (near the dog house). It's relatively easy, this one, as there's nothing super sensitive you can splash close by that would invalidate the achievement, because you only need to "complete" the 12 stones before you complete anything else. Yes, you can splash other stuff, just make sure you're not too unwieldy and somehow spray something else to completion.
  • In the Playground, roll the football up the stegoslide

    In the Playground level, there's a large slide on the one side of the map: THE STEGOSLIDE! To get this achievement you're going to want to push the football found on the level up the slide itself. Easy, right? Not exactly. It takes some planning.
    1. You'll need the Urban X U2 at this point, as the starting Power Washer isn't powerful enough.
    2. You'll want to put the small step ladders near the bottom of the slide (angled to one side, like a backboard), and this will allow you to roll the ball into it and get your setup.
    3. Then, with the red nozzle, push the ball up the slide. Use dpad-left.png to turn the water onto fully automatic, and then slowly hit the bottom of the ball up the slide, making small movements towards the top. Do this and you should be golden.
  • Gutted



    Complete the Bungalow gutters last

    On the Bungalow level, all you have to do to unlock this one is complete the gutters last (check the completion menu to make sure they are last before finishing them), which there are four of them. Sure, you can splash them as you do the rest of the house, but do not complete them - any of them - otherwise you'll have to redo this in Free Play if you do. To be fair, if you come back when you have the best Power Washers, that's not a massive issue and you'll breeze through it. Just be careful around the gutters and you'll get it first time.
  • In the Detached House, complete the Pathway, Driveway and Driveway Edges first

    Super simple, this one. All you need to do first, and by that we mean complete, is the Pathway (which leads from the road to the front steps), the Driveaway (which leads from the road to the garage) and the Driveway Edges (either side of the garage driveway. Do them first, get this achievement.
  • Complete the sole of the Shoe House last

    Once you've unlocked the Shoe House, in order to unlock this achievment all you need to do is finish the sole last - the sole being the rubber portion of the Shoe House that runs along the bottom. Relatively easy, this one, mainly because the sole of the shoe is massive, so in order to 100% it by mistake is going to take some doing. Just be careful around the bottom of the house and you'll get this one easily.
  • Completely clean the Fire Station job without standing on the scaffolding

    This achievement is perhaps the first really tricky career achievement that you'll come across, although it's very easy to do if you use a few different strategies.

    First things first, you can use any ladders and step ladders to finish this level, but you CANNOT use the scaffolding. Don't even get close to it or tempt fate. If you can help it, don't even pick it up either.

    When it comes to the main Fire Station building, there's no need for the scaffolding at all; just use the ladders to clean the windows and the ledges, and to get on the roof.

    The back tower is where it gets tricky. First things first, clean out the inside, and whatever you can from the inside. Then, you're going to want to use the ladders in conjunction with the long reach extensions to get as much of the outside done from the ground level.

    The next step requires you taking advantage of the physics of the game. While on the top, if you get as close to the edge, facing straight ahead, if you look down and turn 180 degrees, it'll effectively have you hovering in thin air, able to power wash the sides from the top with relative ease. Do that on all four sides, and from the windows on the side if need be, and you'll get this achievement when you finish the level.
  • In the Skatepark, push the ball out of the bowl

    Very similar to the StegoScore (10G) achievement, this, although you won't be able to push it against the sides to steady the ball to assist you. You will, however, need the Prime Vista 3000 to make light work of it. If you don't have it by the time you get here, fear not, complete the level (or leave it at a high 90s percent) and then come back later. If you've completed it, use Free Play, push the ball out the bowl and then exit. If you still have a near complete version, push it out, finish the level and then move on.

    In terms of tips for getting it out the pool: get a good run up (with the ball) and move forward with the power wash as you push the ball towards the edge. This one is all about momentum.
  • Complete the Fire Truck windows, windscreen and wing mirrors first

    In order to get this achievement, while on the Fire Truck level you'll have to get the windows, windscreen and wing mirrors first. It's pretty straightforward. The six windows on the sides (three on each, near the front) are super simple, as are the wing mirrors. However, be careful when it comes to the windscreen, as the windscreen wipers are super slim and can easily be completed by mistake. Take your time around them, make sure you using a smaller nozzle and only spray water when you know you won't hit the wipers. Do that and this one is yours.
  • Stand on the Penny Farthing for 10 seconds

    Super simple this one. When you get to the Penny Farthing, just jump onto the seat and stand there for 10 seconds and this achievement will unlock. You don't need the step ladder for this, but you can certainly use it if you're struggling otherwise.
  • In the Treehouse, complete all of the lanterns first

    In the Treehouse level there are 12 lanterns which must be sprayed before you do anything else. Here's where all 12 are:
    • You'll find 2 as you start up the level, on the stair posts, which lead up to the lower deck.
    • There's 1 on the middle deck, on the tree, behind the research table.
    • There are 8 hanging down from underneath the rim around the house at the top.
    • And finally, there's 1 at the bottom of the winding staircase on the railing, the staircase that leads down from the house at the top.
  • Complete the Fire Helicopter blades first

    In order to unlock this achievement, you'll have to complete the blades first on the Fire Helicopter. And by blades, we don't just mean the top main rotor blades, we also mean the four back rotor blades as well. Both sides of all of them too. Do that and this achievement is yours.
  • Completely clean the Carousel without turning it off

    Quite simply do the Carousel level WITHOUT hitting the stop button on the side, and this one is yours. That's all there really is to it. I found that if you activated the auto-water, and just stayed in various spots, you could quite easily clean the moving parts with little to no issue. For the rest: get on the moving platformn (and do the same) and then use the scaffolding for the top and higher bits. Do that and you'll get this after a bit of time, for sure! Turn it off though and you void the achievement - even by accident - and you'll then have to redo it in Free Play. No one wants that!
  • In the Temple, ensure the gnome is on the tower roof once the job is complete

    On the Temple level - which is basically a huge church - at the top there'll be a gnome, stood in the middle of the top beam right at the top. Basically complete the level with the gnome still up there. If you're careful, and using the spray of the wider nozzles to clear round his feet, and not directly spraying him, you should be alright. Word of advice: start at the top, be super careful and take your time as you use the roofs/scaffolding to clean around him. Once you've done that you can carry on with the rest of the level without a care in the world. Just make sure you don't inadvertently knock it off when you're cleaning the underside of a roof trim or something, as that'd just be plain devastating!

    Now, you can probably knock it off and carry it back up, but 1) we didn't test that and can't verify it; and 2) it's easier to be careful around it than take the risk, but if you do knock it off accidentally, give this a try.
  • In the Washroom, complete the toilets last

    In the Washroom level you'll find 4 cubicles, and in those 4 cubicles you'll find 4 toilets - each one made up of 3 parts: the toilet itself, the seats and lids. Simply leave these until last and this achievement will be yours. Remember to use your angles and different stances to get behind them to do the cubicle walls.

    When I approached this, I was actually unsure whether urinals counted as well, so just to be safe, leave them till right near the end too. Better to be safe than sorry, right? I basically went: all the cubicles, the rest of the bathroom, then the urinals and the toilets and it unlocked for me, so maybe give that a go. You know, just to make sure, because, after all, urinals are actually still toilets. We're just not sure whether the game recognises that though.
  • On the Helter Skelter, complete the objects that have lightbulbs before anything else

    This is a slightly fiddly achievement, and requires you clean the 16 "channel lights" around the outside (at the top of the third panel and in between the seams of the fourth tier panels - you'll see the little spheres, which are lightbulbs), as well as the front sign (that's at the bottom of the steps) and finally, the "top ring frame" which has them all around the outside of the top platform.

    Few things to note: some of the channel lights can be tricky as they're covered by the slide itself, so come from above and below them to get those while stood on the slide. Be careful of the slide frame and slide supports though. And finally, the top ring frame, you have to do all of it, and that includes the lightbulbs, the top and the bottom (underneath). Again, just see what you've got selected in the top left before you start spraying willy nilly.
  • Complete the Private Jet laser and anti-gravity parts first

    From the tricky Shine Bright (10G) to this super simple achievement. Here you simply have to spray five parts first on the Private Jet level and complete them before you complete anything else:
    • First, the fairly sizable laser (not the mounting or the wiring though)
    • Secondly, the two anti-grav boosters on the bottom of each wing.
    • And finally, the two anti-grav panels on the top of each wing.
    Do that and this achievement is yours.
  • Complete the Monster Truck tyres first

    Honestly, this is called Tyresome for a reason, and is perhaps the most annoying achievement in the game. Mainly because of the monster wheels themselves being a pain to clean, and because it's a clean first achievement, you can't just spray and hope for the best.

    In terms of tips, we have a few:
    • Change your angle where possible. Whether that means jumping, crouching, crawling, standing, climbing on the wheel itself, or even on the step ladder. Because of the treads, they make cleaning the wheels super time-consuming and easy to miss parts because you have to be at the correct angle to see the dirt.
    • And secondly, move all the time and hit that find dirt button. Climb under the truck as well, look through gaps. Just keep on the move until you see the screen flash yellow to show you where the dirt is.
    Get all four wheels and this achievement is yours.
  • Ride around the Ferris Wheel with a gnome

    Simple one this! Thankfully! After the annoying Tyresome (10G) achievement.

    In order to get this, head to the top of the Helter Skelter and you'll find a gnome. Then, walk your way to the Ferris Wheel and get on, while holding the gnome (you can't jump, so just use all the stairs and the small ramp to get into a cabin. Do not put the gnome down when inside, because it can get a bit buggy, physics-wise. Once you've done a rotation it'll unlock. Congrats!
  • In the Subway Platform, complete the advertising boards first

    Another super simple one, this one. On each other side of the tracks will be eight advertising billboards (four on each side of the level). Clean these first and unlock this achievement. Easy!
  • At the Ancient Statue, knock over four buckets

    When you get to the Ancient Statue level, dotted throughout the level will be four blue buckets. Knock these over and get this nice easy achievement. The four buckets' locations on the Ancient Statue level are as follows:
    • One near where you start. The first set of tents on your left. You may have to go round the back and shoot through the crates to knock it over.
    • To the left of the scaffolding you'll see two buckets under the table on the left. Blast the blue one.
    • The next one is on the black container to the back right of the statue. Blast this one too.
    • And finally, the fourth bucket is on top of the wooden platforms, behind the large statue's head, knock this over and the achievement is yours.
  • Completely clean the Ancient Monument using only the white nozzle

    This one is a right slog! The white nozzle, AKA the 40m nozzle, is the super light one, so that means this achievement will take a while. This achievement is like the Powerful Pressure Purist (30G) one, as in you can only use the specified nozzle. In this case, the white one.

    Not much to say here that will help people out, other than get close and change angles of elevation on the fingers (standing, crouching and crawling), and just have fun. You can, by the way, use extensions, just don't change the nozzle from the white one and you're golden.
  • Complete the Fishing Boat decks and steps first

    Right, this is actually really bloody confusing, because if you take what the Fishing Boat's details page says, it says there's three decks on the boat: the main deck, the bridge deck and the roof deck. Well, first things first, the bridge deck and the roof deck do not count. They are not classed as decks for this achievement.

    Instead, the decks that do count for this achievement are the main deck and the bow - and of course the steps that connect them. Easy enough now you know this. Just be careful of the anchor chain when cleaning the bow, and the small holes around the outside of the wall of the deck itself and you'll be fine.
  • At the Fairground, knock over all of the coconuts

    On the Helter Skelter, Ferris Wheel or Carousel levels, in one of the booths around the outside of the level, you'll find a small tent with a coconut mini game (it's to the right of where you start in the Carousel level, a red tent with a red and purple top). Find this tent, and then use the Power Washer to knock off the coconuts off their stands to unlock this achievement. Nice!
  • Earn 5 Stars in Career Mode

  • Earn 50 Stars Career Mode

  • Earn 100 Stars in Career Mode

  • Earn 150 Stars in Career Mode

    There are 190 Stars in all in Career Mode, spread across the 38 levels. Earn 150 Stars in those levels, done by completing percentages of the levels, and all the Stars achievements are yours. If you're after some tips:
    • Green and Yellow nozzles are your best friends. Green good for the majority of stains, with a wide coverage area; while yellow is good for blasting the more stubborn stains.
    • Use all the tools at your disposal, unless the achievement says otherwise i.e. the Fire Station level. This will allow you to get different angles and get above and below every speck of dirt.
    • Don't forget the underneath areas of everything. Or the top of window frames and stuff. These will be the things that catch you out over and over again.
    • Don't constantly use the right trigger, use the auto-spray on left d-pad and save your hand from hours of stress.
    • Oh, and don't forget to spam the heck out of the show dirt button (right on the d-pad).
    • And finally, if you're struggling to locate an item, hit start, go to details (right bumper) and select the item you're missing. It will then flash yellow in the world.
  • Clean 95% of any job without completing any tasks

    The trickiest of the lot, this one! And one that actually takes some planning, but with some care and patience, you can get this. We found the Van level the easiest to do this with, for a number of reasons:
    • It's not a fiddly level, since most of the parts are actually quite large.
    • And secondly, the body takes up so much actual mass, that if you just focus on this, that's a significant part of the level done by the time you clean it to around 98%.
    So, remember: 95% of the whole job without completing ANY task. Here's the strategy we adopted:
    • As we inferred above, the body is where you're going to want to spend most of your time. Take your time though. Start with the sides, then jump on and do the roof.
    • Once you've done most of the body you can move onto the other big surface areas: the windscreen, the bonnet and the doors (side and back). Just watch out for the lights on the back doors! They're tiny and easy to complete with 1 spray, so be careful around them.
    • Once you've done them, do a good portion of all the wheels and the hubcaps. Around 98%. Check your progress in the pause menu.
    • Do most of the bumpers.
    • Then do a good portion of the grill. Watch out for the indicators and headlights here too.
    • You need most of the large areas to be at around 98%, but be careful not to get them to 99% as sometimes it can jump to 100% even though there's a small portion of dirt left.
    • And then, if you need some more to take that percentage up to 95%, focus on the windows that you have left.
    If you follow that strategy, you should be okay. Whatever you do, take your time. Luckily it's a quick level, so if you do screw it up, you can easily start again - especially if you're in Free Play. It took us a few attempts, but we got there in the end.
  • Complete the Drill head and tip first

    This one speaks for itself, folks. When you unlock the Drill level, simply just spray the head and the tip first, and complete them before you complete anything else, and this achievement is yours.
  • Get one gold medal in Challenge Mode

  • Get five gold medals in Challenge Mode

    Okay, so you've completed the Career and consider yourself a pro, and you want a challenge. Good job there's a Challenge Mode then! Which is basically a selection of career levels in one of two flavours: a race against the clock; or with a litre challenge applied. Get five gold medals here and the achievement is yours!

    Want some tips? We've got you covered!
    • Honestly, we'd opt for the litre challenges every time over the race against the clock because 1) they're easier; and 2) they're far less stressful. Plus, who wants to be rushed. For instance, we struggled like crazy to nail down the gold medal time for the Van level; but absolutely smashed the litre challenge for the same level: we completed it using only 12.95 litres (you need under 15 litres for the gold). So yeah, the litre challenges are a lot easier.
    • The five easiest, by far, are: Van, Golf Cart, Motorbike & Side Car, the Back Garden and the Bungalow. The latter two will take you much longer than the first three, but they are much easier too, as they give you more litres to work with. I finished the Bungalow with 20 litres left. Don't bother with the Dirt Bike, as it may seem easy, but because of how fiddly it is, it is not. The other three are much easier.
    • DO NOT use the auto-spray button on the d-pad.
    • Spray conservatively. Use the green and white for the majority of the dirt (mostly green); while using the yellow and red to blast the scum off. And don't stand too far away. If you do, the green and white are just not effective at all.
    • Some levels will give you more attachments and soaps. USE them!
    • Strafing is key. Find a line and strafe from left to right. Once you get to the end, lower/higher the trajectory and then go back along that line. A bit like a typewriter.
    Those should be more than enough tips! Good luck out there!
  • Complete a Special Job

    In the main start menu you'll see a number of options, like Career Mode, Challenge Mode, Free Play, and of course, Specials. The Specials are basically levels, just like any of the other levels, but... cooler? Yeah, let's go with that.

    At the time of writing there are four: the Mars Rover; the Gnome Fountain; the Mini Golf Course and the Steam Locomotive. Complete one of these and get this achievement. We recommend the Mars Rover, because even though it's fiddly, it's a fraction of the size of the others!

Secret achievements

  • Complete Career Mode

    In order to get this you're going to need to work your way through all the levels of the Career Mode and complete the final level, The Lost City Palace (the 38th level). Good luck out there! Get those power washing boots on!

    For more general tips on how to get the Stars needed to unlock the next level in Career Mode, head to the Super Star (50G) achievement for more information.

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