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  1. I was extremely tempted to deny this signup, just for including Turtle's Quest at all, let alone in a Best Of signup.
  2. Come join us again! We have tons of new content for you, and lots of awesome awards to earn.
  3. I started It Takes Two with my daughter (she's 4) but we only made it through the first three or so levels before we got stuck. It's a level where you need to move quickly to avoid being killed, and she wasn't able to platform quick enough with the traversal tools. That was over half a year ago though, so maybe she's gotten good enough that we can get past it. It was a really cool game so far, but we didn't even make it to the first achievement.
  4. The blurb has been updated. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Send me money. Also, you've been added to the Subscriber Club leaderboard. Complete one more club to get an award.
  6. Hey everyone, If you have purchased the XBA Max Clubs Season Pass for $60, you'll have access to our latest batch of new content under DLC Pack #1. If you haven't made the purchase yet, you can do so HERE. If you're a subscriber, you'll only need to pay half price, so definitely check it out! We'll be keeping a close eye on anyone who's made the purchase to be sure they're eligible to sign up for these new clubs. APRIL FOOLS! Okay, with that terrible joke out of the way... As promised, we already have the first round of new content for you, and there's quite a bit! First off, we've created three new challenge clubs: Going Rogue - a roguelike/roguelite challenge club It Feels So Real! - a simulator challenge club, which was a requested one Where's My Map? - a Metroidvania challenge club Each has five tiers, so get working on them! In the works are a zombies club and a shmup club, with a third person shooter club and a visual novel franchise club hot on their tails. Stay tuned for more challenge clubs, and as always, we take requests/ideas! Next up, on the Staff Club side of things, bLaKgRaVy has finally decided to update his staff club. His updated club is bLaKgRaVy's Single Player Extravaganza, and should prove much more accessible now. Sorry if you were looking forward to boosting those dead 360 multiplayer achievements (and even more apologies if you already spent time doing so)! We still have it on our list to reach out to former staff members to update any older clubs, so we'll provide updates here and there as changes are made. Lastly is a new subscriber club! ImStylinOnYaBro became a subscriber last year, so he's eligible for making his own sub club. Check out ImStylinOnYaBro's Stockade of Suffering if you want to remember what earning an achievement really felt like before all these fast and easy gamerscore games started coming out (just don't blame us if you want to give up on gaming after attempting this club!). We hope you enjoy the new clubs to work on. Let us know if you have any concerns or feedback on any clubs HERE, and don't forget to submit any ideas you have for a new club. Remember, if you become a subscriber, you get to immediately make your own club too! Stay tuned for more new content! - XBA Staff
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  8. Just finished up the completion of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and what ton of fun that was. It was the first time I really got into a Souls-like (even if it is apparently the easiest of the lot), and while it started off a bit stressful feeling so fragile like anyone could pop out and kill me, and feeling like I was missing a ton of mechanics and things to make gameplay easier and more fun since I don't have the basic knowledge of these types of games, it quickly became very fun and addicting, and I found myself constantly wanting to get home from work so I could make more progress. It definitely helped that it was set in the Three Kingdoms Era, so seeing so many familiar people and places made it much easier to get engaged. They did an excellent job portraying many of the characters, and seeing familiar battlefields in this type of game was really cool. The Battle of Hulao Gate against Lu Bu was every bit as tense and tough as in the Dynasty Warriors games, taking down Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo was so satisfying, flooding Xiapi to trap Lu Bu, etc. Lots of great settings for the levels. I'm sure even after playing and completing the game that there was stuff I didn't take full advantage of. I didn't block a single time, and didn't use Martial Arts at all. I also used essentially a starting sword the entire way (upgraded, of course), and only a couple spells, but in general I didn't struggle nearly as much as I expected to for my first Souls-like. Only four or so bosses really gave me trouble, with Lu Bu taking the cake by far, requiring a two hour session to finally beat him. It's a game I'm sad to be done with, after looking forward to playing it every day. Here's hoping for some good DLC. Now it's on to something a little more casual, both to give myself and my family a break.
  9. DLC: Copper World Square peg in a round hole 40G Attempt to use an improvised battery in "Copper World" Once you enter the second area, there will be a battery hole on the floor right in front of you, just before a big gear pit in the center. Head around the big pit on the left side, and on your left you'll see two conveyor belts with boxes moving along them. Jump onto the nearest conveyor belt, grab a box, and jump back where you came from. Head to the other side of the pit (where you would've ended up if you crossed the right side instead of the left), and there will be a cube shaped opening to put the box in. Make sure it's inside, then rotate the crank on the wall next to it to fill up the blue meter on the wall all the way. When it's full, press the button on the wall. The box will get closed up, and after a few seconds a cube battery will appear in the opening on the right side. Pick it up and carry it back to the battery hole at the start of the area. For this achievement to unlock, you need to put the cube battery on the circular battery hole in the position it would normally be in to fit (blue glowing sides on the side, and unlit ends on the top and bottom). You may have to fiddle with it a bit, but once it's positioned right, this will unlock. Unlimited Power! 40G Form an independent laser loop in "Copper World" In the fourth and final area of the level, you'll enter and see a blue laser hitting a node. You need to rotate the node to reflect the laser into the next node, and so on. For this achievement, you need to make a loop of laser reflections. For example, rotate the first node to point at either of the two nodes on either side of the debris in the center. Then, rotate that one to reflect to the other side of the debris, then from there to the node you didn't use originally. Rotate that node to point at the one you did use, and you'll have made a loop. Return to the starting node and turn it away from the first node you pointed at. If done right, the loop of lasers will sustain itself, and this achievement will unlock. Loose change 40G Throw all four hidden coins off the level in "Copper World" This level is split up into four areas, and there is one coin per area. You need to grab each, take it to the edge of the map anywhere, and toss it off. After all four are done in one playthrough, this achievement will unlock. There are found as follows. Right when the level starts, while facing the door you crank open, turn around and jump through the barely stable brick wall to find a coin tucked insure. In the second area, after you take the elevator to the top, go forward and around the corner and look down to your left. There will be a platform near the corner with coal pieces on it. Jump down to that platform and head to the end of it to find the coin amongst the coal. As soon as you enter the third area, immediately to your left is a pair of elevators going up and down. Go on the one on the left and ride it all the way to the top. The coin is right in front of you when you get off the elevator. In the fourth area, which is the laser area, head to the end by the exit hatch on the floor and you'll see a lantern hanging off to the right side. Jump and grab it, and let it take you around the corner to a hidden area. Climb up the boxes in the back on the left to find the coin at the top. Cu later 40G Complete "Copper World" Story-related; cannot be missed. This unlocks upon completing the level. Most of this level is platforming challenges, with the first area being the only one that's a little obtuse. You may need a guide to see exactly what to do there, as it isn't as straightforward as the other three rooms. If you need any help along the way, refer to the following video, which shows not only a walkthrough of the level but also all miscellaneous achievements, including the four coins. Timestamps are provided in the video's description. Full credit to the creator of the video.
  10. I was only recommending MWII as the easiest completion of the ones you listed that you haven't done yet. I'll reinstall IW and at least finish up the campaign. I don't remember the zombies/co-op mode at all in that one, but would be down to try it out. Especially with someone as experienced as yourself who could potentially carry me through it haha
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