Ubisoft+ Subscription Service Seemingly Coming to Xbox Very Soon

Ubisoft+ Subscription Service Seemingly Coming to Xbox Very Soon

Richard Walker

It looks like Ubisoft+, the company's game subscription service, could be launching on Xbox consoles soon, as advertisements for the service on Xbox have gone live early.

The presence of ads for Ubisoft+ on Xbox, spotted on the Ubisoft Store and on console dashboards, have sparked speculation that the service could be arriving imminently, though said advertisements currently include dead links to an error message.

Ubisoft had previously declared back in January 2022 that Ubisoft+ will be coming to Xbox “in the future”, although, bar the occasional rumour, there's been little on the subject since. Like EA Play, it seems Ubisoft+ could be coming to Xbox Game Pass for XGP Ultimate subscribers.

Alternatively, it's also entirely possible that Ubisoft+ could make its Xbox debut as a separate subscription service - on PC, a monthly membership starts from $14.99/£12.99, with access to a library of Ubi titles, including Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Rainbow Six Siege, The Crew 2, Watch Dogs Legion, and Far Cry 6.

  • If it comes to Gamepass ultimate they better not try raising the monthly price point for it.

    They would instantly lose a customer with me if so.
  • @1, With Xbox scrapping the $1 entry, and in search of new ideas/offers for customers... something tells me they're looking to make a price increase anyway.

    I'm not on GamePass, but I hope we don't start seeing publishers pull the same model of tv/streaming services where every broadcast channel has their own service/subscription. Although I guess that won't matter if you're still able to buy the games outright.
  • I think a price increase is inevitable in the future. They’ve already nerfed reward points in order for it to take longer to get a month of GPU for free. The last time I saw them do the 6k offer for buying a game was Elden Ring last year and now they’ve changed the 50 points for an achievement to be exclusively on GP games rather than all of them
  • Instant cancel for me if it gets increased that’s all I know..

    I barely play video games like I used to, essentially never buy them anymore either. So GP is an easy way for me to play something real quick when I have the time without really paying much.
  • I think I'd accept a small price increase on GamePass this year, next year, whatever. BUT if you add that Ubisoft bullshit service and then up the price, I'm out.
  • Yes, I am with you guys. I can understand a very small price increase in the future for GamePass only. But if adding Ubisoft is a mandatory issue and it increases the price for the subscription, the I am out too. I am not willing to take and pay for Ubisoft trash service either.
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